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Stock Fundamental

Based on Closing Price on 22nd January 2019
Closing Price RM 0.08
52-Week High2 RM 0.14
52-Week Low 2 RM 0.06

P/B Ratio 1,4
Current Price per Share / NAV
P/E Ratio 1,4
Current Price per Share / Earnings per Share
Price / Revenue 1,4
Current Price per Share* Issued Shares / Revenue

Fundamentals FYE 2014 FYE 2013

Historical EPS (SEN)
Profit / Issued Shares
-0.17 -0.87

Historical NAV (RM)
(Total Assets - Total Liabilities) / Issued Shares
0.07 0.07

P/B Ratio 3
Price per Share / NAV
1.30 1.42

Profitability Ratio FYE 2014 FYE 2013
Return on Assets [ROA]
Profit / Total Assets
0.47% -5.84%
Return on Equity [ROE]
Profit / Total Equity
0.67% -8.76%

Liquidity Ratio FYE 2014 FYE 2013

Current Ratio
Total Current Assets / Total Current Liabilities
2.53 1.85

Quick Ratio
Total Quick Assets / Total Current Liabilities
2.53 1.85

Net Working Capital Ratio
(Current Asset - Current Liabilities) / Total Asset
0.24 0.18

Issued shares based on weighted averaged number of ordinary shares.
1 based on latest full year report on 26th September 2018
2 based on unadjusted closing price data.
3 based on closing price of the last trading day of the specified year.
4 based on closing price - 22nd January 2019.

Inaccuracies may sometimes arise in the provision of the financial numbers and calculations of the financial ratio. IRChartNexus Sdn. Bhd., its subsidiaries or partners accept no liability from any loss that may arise from the use of the financial data.

If you see any errors, please report here.


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