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Date : 17 February 2000



TypeReply to query
Reply to Query Letter by KLSE reference IDKLSE/FRS/UMA.00/97

Contents :

We refer to your letter dated 17 February 2000 pertaining to the sharp increase in price in the Company's shares.

The Securities Commission has, vide its letter dated 18 October 1999, approved the Company's proposed rights issue of up to 41,456,967 new ordinary shares of RM1.00 each at an issue price of RM1.00 per share on the basis of 1 new ordinary share for every existing ordinary share held in the Company.

On 19 November 1999, the Company announced that it is proposing to attach one free warrant to each rights share pursuant to the proposed rights issue. The issue price and basis of issue of the rights share will remain unchanged. The revised proposed rights issue has been submitted to the Securities Commission and is pending approvals of the Securities Commission and other relevant authorities.

Save as disclosed above, the Board wishes to advise the Exchange that :

  1. there are no material developments in the Company's business and affairs not previously disclosed.
  2. there are no impending changes in the major shareholders.
  3. there are no other reasons to account for the unusual market action.

The Company in its normal course of business regularly enters into discussions with parties to explore new business prospects. The Company is unaware of any of these discussions which would warrant or require any announcement or would account for the unusual market action.

The Board further declares that, to the best of its knowledge, none of the situations/events as listed in Section 335 of the KLSE's Listing Requirements contributed to the unusual market action activities in the Company's shares during the period in question. At present, there are no Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) entered into or to be entered into pursuant to any significant activity of the Group. The Board is not aware or become aware of any rumour or report (whether true or false) which contains information which has likely to have an effect on the trading of the Company's shares.

Announcement Info

Stock Name KYM    
Date Announced17 Feb 2000  
CategoryGeneral Announcement
Reference NoKH-000217-46451


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