Based on Closing Price on 30th of September 2022
Closing Price RM 1.15
52-Week High1 RM 1.37
52-Week Low1 RM 1.06
P/E Ratio 2
Current Price per Share / Historical EPS

Fundamentals 2021 2020
Profit / Issued Shares
7.84 SEN 7.37 SEN

Growth 2021 2020
Revenue Growth
(Current Revenue - Last Year Revenue) / Last Year Revenue
18.50% -21.87%
Profit Growth
(Current Profit After Tax - Last Year Profit After Tax) / Last Year Profit After Tax
6.73% -35.28%

Capital Stucture 2021 2020
Net Tangible Asset Per Share 63.75 SEN 61.20 SEN

Issued shares based on weighted averaged number of ordinary shares.

1 based on unadjusted close price data.

2 based on closing price - Friday 30th of September 2022.

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