Communication Policy With Shareholders And Stakeholders

This policy aims to provide shareholders with information about the Company and enable them to exercise their rights as shareholders in an informed manner.

The Company seeks to ensure that its communication with all its shareholders and stakeholders is factual and timely through the following channels:-

  1. Annual Report

    The annual report contains information that assists shareholders to understand the Company's operation and financial results, the nature of the industry in which it operates and the Company's outlook.

  2. Company Website

    Investor Relations section is available on Protasco website which contains information relating to the Company.

  3. Corporate Communications Department (CCD)

    Shareholders and stakeholders may direct their questions or requests to CCD at or contact no. 03-87383388 which can be found in the Annual Report and Company website, who will then forward the enquiries to the relevant departments for their attention.

  4. Annual General Meeting

    Shareholders are given the opportunity to ask the Company's directors questions relating to the business of the Company.

    The Company's auditors will attend the Annual General Meeting and will be available to answer any questions shareholders may have that are relevant to the conduct of the audit.