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SingTel (Z74)
Chart Analysis
Technically, it is not looking good for SingTel as its 20-Day Moving Average is sloping downward and its price action is below the Moving Average line. In addition, the price is trading near its resistance of 3.75. The RSI indicator is giving a reading in the oversold region. While this is expected given the recent bearish movement, it also gives a warning that the current movement may not be extended especially given that the resistance of 3.75 is broken.
Company Information

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Market Outlook
Market Outlook Chart
STI is trading near its support of 3251.21. It is important to monitor the price volume action near this 3251.21 level to determine whether this support level will hold. RSI is showing an oversold condition which may indicate that a rebound to the resistance of 3354.71 may takes place.
Commentary Based on Daily Chart (18 Aug 2017)
ChartNexus Team
Volume Movers
Pri: 0.004
P%: 0.0%
Vol: 55,339,500
Pri: 0.022
P%: 4.8%
Vol: 84,143,800
Pri: 0.022
P%: 4.8%
Vol: 84,143,800
Pri: 0.001
P%: 0.0%
Vol: 56,204,400
Pri: 0.050
P%: -3.8%
Vol: 95,580,800
Noble Grp
Pri: 0.162
P%: -2.4%
Vol: 70,869,800

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