The Financial Statements and Quarterly Results, provide the consolidated statements of Income, Cash Flow and Financial Position.

The factsheet offers a comprehensive computation of relevant financial ratios covering price indicators, basic ratios, liquidity, and capital structure.





1 based on latest full year report on 24th of April 2019.
2 based on unadjusted close price data.
3 based on close price of the last trading day of the specified year.
4 based on dividend announced in the full year report for financial year 2017.
5 based on closing price -  Monday 24th of February 2020.

Inaccuracies may sometimes arise in the provision of the financial numbers and
calculations of the financial ratio. IRChartNexus Sdn. Bhd., its subsidiaries or partners
accept no liability from any loss that may arise from the use of the financial data.
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