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Date : 29 June 2000

Unusual Market Action


TypeReply to query
Reply to Query Letter by KLSE reference IDKLSE/FRS/UMA.00/207
SubjectUnusual Market Action

Contents :

With reference to the fax from the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange dated 28 June 2000.

In reply to the said fax, we wish to inform the Exchange that:-

(1) that there is no material development in the Company's business and affairs not previously disclosed;
(2) there is no impending change in the major shareholders; and
(3) to our knowledge, there are no reasons to account for the unusual market action.

Furthermore, we hereby declare that none of the following listed situations/events contributed to the unusual market action:-

  • a joint venture, merger or acquisition;
  • the declaration or ommission of dividends or the determination of earnings;
  • the acquisition or loss of a significant contract or franchise;
  • a change in control or significant change in management;
  • a call of securities of redemption;
  • the borrowings of a significant amount of funds;
  • the public or private sale of significant amount of additional securities;
  • significant litigation;
  • the purchase or sale of a significant asset;
  • a significant change in capital investment plans;
  • a significant labour dispute or disputes with sub-contractors or suppliers;
  • a tender offer for another company's securities;
  • an event of default on interest and/or principal payments in respect of loans;
  • a proposed rights, bonus, loan stocks or special issues;
  • a proposed offer for sale of warrants or other securities.

Thank you.

Announcement Info

Stock Name YCS    
Date Announced29 Jun 2000  
CategoryGeneral Announcement
Reference NoPY-000629-58912