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Investor FAQs

When was Beng Kuang Marine Limited listed?
The company was incorporated as Beng Kuang Marine Pte Ltd in 8 January 1994. Beng Kuang Marine Limited was listed on 15 October 2004.

What business is Beng Kuang Marine Limited in?

How many staff does the Group employ?

What ticker symbol is Beng Kuang Marine Limited?

Which securities exchange is Beng Kuang Marine Limited listed on?

What is the number of outstanding shares issued?

What is the market capitalisation of Beng Kuang Marine Limited?

What is Beng Kuang Marine Limited fiscal year end?

When does Beng Kuang Marine Limited release its results?

What stake does Labroy Marine Pte Ltd hold in Beng Kuang Marine Limited's?

How is the Board of Directors appointed?

What is the total number of ordinary shares issued?

How can I obtain a copy of Beng Kuang Marine Limited's annual report?

Where can I get past financial information of Beng Kuang Marine Limited's?

When do shareholders typically receive annual report and when is your annual general meeting?
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