Shareholders’Rights Relating To General Meeting

The shareholders have the following rights of participation in general meetings:-

  1. to attend, speak and vote on all resolutions of general meetings;
  2. to appoint another person or persons as his proxy to attend and vote on his behalf;
  3. each member entitled to vote shall have  one (1) vote by show of hand or if by way of poll,  one (1) vote for each share he holds;
  4. to requisition the company to convene a general meeting subject to Companies Act 2016;
  5. to requisition for any resolutions to be circulated and considered at annual general meeting subject to Companies Act 2016;
  6. to demand for poll voting on any resolution at general meetings in manner prescribed in the Articles of Association of the Company;
  7. to receive audited financial statements together with notice of annual general meeting and;
  8. to receive all notices of general meetings.

Please note that for shares held through a nominee, the nominee’s name shall appear as the registered shareholder in the Company's register of members where all the notices and circulars of the Company shall be addressed to.

Beneficial shareholders are advised to contact their respective nominee(s) for those notices and circulars.