Date PostedTitleResearch HouseView
23 May 20121QFY12 Results UpdateNetresearch-Asia Sdn Bhd
28 February 20121QFY12 Results UpdateNetresearch-Asia Sdn Bhd


Date PostedTitleResearch HouseView
24 November 20113QFY11 Results ReportNetresearch-Asia Sdn Bhd
24 August 20112QFY11 Results UpdateNetresearch-Asia Sdn Bhd
24 May 20111QFY11 ResultsNetresearch-Asia Sdn Bhd
03 March 2011Update ReportNetresearch-Asia Sdn Bhd


Date PostedTitleResearch HouseView
16 April 2010Suspending coverage.Standard and Poors
25 February 2010Retain Buy.Standard and Poors


Date PostedTitleResearch HouseView
24 December 20093Q09 results reviewNetresearch-Asia Sdn Bhd
01 December 2009 Raise to Buy (from Hold).Standard and Poors
20 August 2009 2Q09 results reviewNetresearch-Asia Sdn Bhd
19 August 2009 Maintain Hold.Standard and Poors
01 June 2009 Retain Hold.Standard and Poors
01 June 2009 1Q09 results reviewNetresearch-Asia Sdn Bhd
26 February 20094Q08 results reviewNetresearch-Asia Sdn Bhd
25 February 2009Cut to Hold (from Buy).Standard and Poors


Date PostedTitleResearch HouseView
02 December 20083Q08 results reviewNetresearch-Asia Sdn Bhd
26 November 2008Maintain Buy.Standard and Poors
02 September 20082Q08 results reviewNetresearch-Asia Sdn Bhd
29 August 2008Raise to Buy.Standard and Poors
19 June 2008Uncertainties continue to surround core operationsStandard and Poors
05 June 20081Q08 results reportResults Report
30 May 20081Q08 results. Cut to Hold (from Buy).Netresearch-Asia Sdn Bhd
10 April 2008Resume coverage with a Buy call.Standard and Poors
05 March 20084Q07 results reportNetresearch-Asia Sdn Bhd
28 January 2008Forecasts revisedStandard and Poors

Should you require the Analysts Reports prior to the above years, kindly download from the website of Bursa Malaysia here.