7.1 Transparency
    7.1.1 In presenting the annual financial statements, Annual Report and quarterly results to unitholders of Sunway REIT, the Board aims to provide a balanced and understandable assessment of Sunway REIT’s financial position, performance and prospects.
    7.1.2 The Board ensures that the financial statements are prepared so as to give a true and fair view of the current financial status of Sunway REIT in accordance with the approved accounting standards. The Board is assisted by the Audit Committee to oversee Sunway REIT’s financial reporting processes and the quality of its financial reporting.
    7.1.3 The quarterly financial results are announced to Bursa Securities as early as possible within two (2) months after the end of each quarterly financial period.
    7.2 External Auditors
    7.2.1 The Board has established formal and transparent arrangements for considering how financial reporting and internal control principles will be applied and for maintaining an appropriate relationship with the External Auditors through its Audit Committee.
    7.2.2 The Audit Committee also keeps under review the scope and results of the audit and its cost effectiveness as well as the independence and objectivity of the External Auditors. The Board ensures that the External Auditors do not supply a substantial volume of non-audit services.
    7.2.3 The appointment of External Auditors, who may be nominated by the Manager, must be approved by the Trustee. The External Auditors appointed must be independent of the Manager and the Trustee. The remuneration of the External Auditors must be approved by the Trustee.
    7.3 Internal Controls and Risk Management
    7.3.1 Sunway REIT has an outsourced internal audit function, which critically reviews all aspects of the activities and its internal controls. Comprehensive audits of the practices, procedures, expenditure and internal controls of the assets of Sunway REIT are undertaken on a regular basis. The Head of Internal Audit has direct access to the Board through the Chairman of the Audit Committee.
    7.3.2 The Board ensures the system of internal controls is reviewed on a regular basis.
    7.3.3 The Audit Committee receives reports regarding the outcome of such reviews on a regular basis.
    7.3.4 The Company has established a risk management framework. The Risk Management Committee receives reports regarding the risks review on a half-yearly basis.
    7.4 Compliance Officer
    7.4.1 The Board shall appoint someone who possess relevant and adequate qualification and experience in carrying out the compliance function, and the removal of the Compliance Officer shall be a matter for the Board as a whole. In addition, such person must be approved by the Securities Commission Malaysia prior to undertaking the function as a Compliance Officer.
    7.4.2 The Compliance Officer reports directly to the Board.
    7.4.3 The Manager has a designated compliance officer working towards ensuring the compliance with all legislations, rules and guidelines issued by the Securities Commission Malaysia and Bursa Securities as well as Sunway REIT's Trust Deed.